Kerala Psychiatry, yesterday and today: recollections and reflections


Kerala Psychiatry, SIPSCON 2019

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Ramadas, S., Menon, G., & Kuttichira, P. (2020). Kerala Psychiatry, yesterday and today: recollections and reflections: -Based on background paper presented in SIPSCON 2019 at Thrissur. Kerala Journal of Psychiatry , 33(1), 69-75.


During the 35th annual conference of Kerala State branch of Indian Psychiatric Society (SIPSCON 2019), conducted in Thrissur, a group activity was designed, titled ‘Voices from the floor: group activity on contemporary psychiatric issues in Kerala’. In this academic program, the participants were given the centre stage. It was designed as a group activity where all the delegates were divided into small groups to give their experiential account and reflection related to mental health care in Kerala. The topic of discussion and exploration in each group were chosen from either one of the broad perspectives of clinician, academician or mental health activist.

 This narrative is based on the introductory remarks made in the workshop, co-authored by all the authors and presented by the third author. From this activity, the outcome expected was to discover a treasure of information which could pave the way for further exploration and action plans. No consensus was aimed at. These could shape the future of Kerala mental health scenario.
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