Pakalveedu- The Kollam Experience


  • Ramesh Chandran



Pakalveedu, the Day Care Centres under District Mental Health Programme (DMHP), are evolving as an innovative model in psychiatric rehabilitation in the state. They are being implemented for the first time throughout the state under a new scheme of the government, ‘Comprehensive Mental Health Programme’. Under this scheme, two Day Care Centres, one for each gender, are allotted in each district. Most districts started their Centres during the financial years 2013-14 or 2014-15. This article shares our experience in Kollam on how the program is being implemented, what the activities in the centres are, and what challenges we are facing.

Keywords: Pakalveedu, Day care centre, DMHP, Comprehensive Mental Health Programme.

Author Biography

Ramesh Chandran

Junior Consultant (Psychiatry)

District Hospital & Team Psychiatrist, DMHP, Kollam




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