Interactive workshop on writing and publishing research: reflections and lessons learned


  • Shahul Ameen St. Thomas Hospital, Changanacherry, Kerala
  • Samir Kumar Praharaj Professor & Head, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka.



scientific writing, publishing, workshop, interactive


Publishing research is an essential skill for health professionals. In India, few training programs are specifically aimed to improve scientific writing. We developed a two-day interactive training workshop to address the need of the researchers. Methods such as targeted Facebook advertising and sending emails to available collections of addresses were used to inform potential participants from diverse disciplines about the program. There were 48 participants from 15 disciplines. Half of them were females, and half were from Psychiatry. We reflected on the content and experience of the workshop and have summarized the lessons learned from it. The participants perceived the workshop to be useful and found the experience satisfying.


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Ameen, S., & Praharaj, S. K. (2021). Interactive workshop on writing and publishing research: reflections and lessons learned. Kerala Journal of Psychiatry, 34(1), 21–26.



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