Posterior Circulation Stroke presenting as Psychotic disorder


  • Dilshana Nafisa Senior Resident , Yenepoya Medical college ,Mangalore
  • K Priya Nayak Assistant Professor , Father Muller Medical College , Mangalore
  • Safeekh A T Dr. Safeekh A.T , Professor and HOD , Father Muller Medical College , Mangalore



posterior circulation stroke, psychosis, ischemic stroke.


The prevalence of posterior circulation stroke is less reported compared to anterior circulation stroke, accounting for one fourth of all ischemic strokes. It commonly presents with neurological deficits like visual deficits, vertigo and sensory-motor deficits rather than merely psychiatric symptoms. Nonetheless, there could be comorbid psychiatric symptoms associated with it. A rare presentation of posterior circulation stroke presenting with psychosis as a primary symptom without any neurological deficit is discussed.




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