Diabetic Ketoacidosis Associated with Quetiapine Treatment: A Case Report


  • Badr Ratnakaran Holy Cross Hospital and Mental Health Centre, Koovappally, Kottayam, Kerala. Pin-686518
  • S Sethulakshmi


Atypical antipsychotics are known for their metabolic side effects and there have been reports of them precipitating diabetic ketoacidosis which can be even fatal. We present a case of quetiapine induced diabetic ketoacidosis in a case of depression during inpatient treatment, highlighting the need to monitor not only metabolic side effects but also fatal complications like diabetic ketoacidosis.

Author Biography

Badr Ratnakaran, Holy Cross Hospital and Mental Health Centre, Koovappally, Kottayam, Kerala. Pin-686518

Consultant Psychiatrist


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