Mental Health Care: Can We Create a New Kerala Model?


  • Manoj Kumar Therayil NHS,UK Openmind, Kerala


Good mental health is a prerequisite for a prosperous society. Mental health of the population is shaped by social, cultural, economic, and political forces. Growing inequality and social recession are likely to contribute to multiple mental health problems. Though the highest attainable standard of mental health is considered as a fundamental right of every citizen in many countries, India lacks the infrastructure, resources and care pathways to provide basic mental health care. Kerala has a glorious history of high achievements in human development. However, mental health care in the state is not fit for purpose.   Kerala has many factors that would enable it to develop a radically different mental health care and social support system based on the principle of collective responsibility. High quality mental health care, free at point of delivery, and universal in coverage, is possible.  Care can be coordinated and provided locally, within an integrated service model that embraces public, private and voluntary sectors. 

Author Biography

Manoj Kumar Therayil, NHS,UK Openmind, Kerala

Consultant psychiatrist


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