KJP Award for Best PG Thesis - 2015


Every year, KJP will give an award for the best postgraduate thesis done in Kerala in the previous three years. The award will consist of two mementos (one for the department) and a certificate. The next award will be distributed at SIPSCON 2015.

Criteria for this year's award

  • The thesis should have been submitted in the academic years 2011-12, 2012-13 or 2013-14.
  • The student who did the thesis should submit the major findings of the study to KJP as a Research report, through this site, in accordance with the submission guidelines published here, before 3oth April 2015. 

The winner will be decided by a Judging Committee appointed by the Editor of KJP in consultation with the Executive Committee of IPS Kerala. The Committee will judge the original submissions, and not the versions rewritten after peer review. The Committee can request the contestants to submit original data collection sheets, SPSS files, etc. if it feels so. Decision of the Committee shall be final.